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B2T (Βusiness 2 Trade), is the new electronic booking platform dedicated, for the time being, for Greek travel agencies only.

It is already available, and continuously developed in order to offer a variety of services to the travel trade. Through this platform, you can make bookings on all OA operated flights, besides your office GDSs.

Tickets on OA 050 stock, can be issued with:
  • Corporate debit card of “Piraeus Bank” «Cash for Business» which can be linked with one or more bank accounts of your office, offering the possibility of transactions throughout 24h. (For more information please contact any “Piraeus Bank” office.)
  • Your office corporate, VISA or MASTERCARD.
OLYMPIC AIR sales executives will be happy to explain in detail the functionality menu of the platform.

In order to activate your access in the platform, please contact: b2tadmin@olympicair.com or by landline, B2T administrator, Mrs. A. Stergiopoulou at telephone number: +210 3550443 in order to receive the subscription form and respective contract.

Our aim is to continuously improve the services and products offered to our partners and customers in order to cover their professional needs at the most sufficient level.

We remain at your disposal for any question, clarification.