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A unique way to earn miles with those dearest and nearest to you!

We aim to reward families and friends by providing them the opportunity to accumulate miles in one account and make spending even more accessible.

As a Silver or Gold member you may activate a Together account and add up to 5 members, regardless of their tier. All the award miles earned by each member will be automatically transferred to your common account, letting you make full use of the collective balance. At the same time, all the members of the account will continue to receive their personal tier miles in order to be eligible for tier upgrade or retain.

Activation of the Together account is quick and easy. Simply log-in to your Miles+Bonus account and select “Activate Together account” from the navigation list of your account menu. You will automatically be assigned as the Head of the Together account and you will have the opportunity to invite 1 to 5 members. As a Head, you will be exclusively responsible for the administration of the account. Login to Miles+Bonus, check the members of your Together account, monitor their transactions, spend miles and see how close you are to enjoying your next award.