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If you are an expectant mother with a complication-free pregnancy you can travel normally on Olympic Air flights. For your safety and that of your infant, you will not be allowed to carry an infant on your lap during the flight. 

Also please note that there are certain circumstances where Olympic Air may require Medical Clearance for your travel.

  • Up until the 36th week of a single pregnancy, provided that the pregnancy is complication free, medical approval is not required; however it is always best to consult your obstetrician prior to making any travel plans.
  • After the 36th week of a single pregnancy a medical form must be completed by your obstetrician and the transportation must be approved by Olympic Air's doctor. The medical form that must be completed can be downloaded in English or Greek by clicking the link to the right and it must be issued no later than 72 hours prior to the flight in order to ensure proper approval.
  • In the case of a multiple pregnancy (e.g. twins) a medical form is mandatory, irrespective of the week of the pregnancy. 
  • Air travel is not recommended for women within the last seven (7) days prior to the time of delivery and within the first seven (7) days after the delivery.